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Force And Motion Lab Homework Online

Physics 1210: College Physics 1Page 2Unit 3 Lab ReportKeycode: 2423a)Force of gravity.b)Normal force.c)ElasTc force.d)±ension force.e)Applied force.f)FricTon force.Pause the simulaTon, and then click on the “Graph applied force” bu²on. ±urn o³ (unselect) “Show FfricTon” and “Show Ftotal," and then click "Go" again. If necessary, zoom in using the “zoom in” bu²on (the magnifying glass with a plus sign).2.(2 points) During the moTon of the textbook (before it hits the wall) the applied force isa)Zero.b)Constant.c)Changing.3.(2 points) Next, click on the “Graph velocity”, and look at the velocity graph. During the moTon of the textbook, its velocitya)Is zero.b)Stays constant.c)Is increasing at a constant rate.d)Is decreasing at a constant rate.4.(2 points) Next, click on the “Graph AcceleraTon”. How does the acceleraTon change with Tme during the moTon of the textbook? a)±he acceleraTon is zero.b)±he acceleraTon is constant.c)±he acceleraTon is increasing.d)±he acceleraTon is decreasing.5.(2 points) What type of moTon does the textbook have?a)Uniform moTon with zero velocity.b)Uniform moTon with constant velocity.c)Uniform moTon with constant acceleraTon.6.(2 points) When a horizontal constant force to the right is applied to the textbook, the textbook moves witha)Constant speed to the right.b)Constant speed to the le´.c)Constant acceleraTon to the right.d)Constant acceleraTon to the le´.

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