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Then I discovered some vending machines outside the office. People came and bought stamps. “So many people must be into stamp collecting,” I thought to myself. Was that another weird American quirk? Otherwise, why would people waste money buying stamps in advance, without having their letters weighed?

Something I take for granted now just didn’t occur to me: There were standardized rates, and you could just slap a stamp on your letter, drop it in a mailbox, and it would go to its destination.

I then encountered a visa service that asked me to mail in my passport. My precious, precious passport. With a self-addressed, stamped envelope for its return. I laughed at the audacity of the request. Despite being a broke student, I booked a plane trip. I couldn’t envision putting my passport in the mail. I’ve since learned that this is a common practice, and I’ve even done it once or twice myself. But it still does not come easy to me.

I noticed that Americans were a particularly patriotic bunch: So many of them had red flags on their mailboxes. Sometimes they would put those flags up. I presumed it was to celebrate national holidays I did not yet know about. But why did some people have their flags up while others did not? And why weren’t they American flags anyway? As in Istanbul, where I grew up, I assumed patriotism had different interpretations and expressions.

The mystery was solved when I noticed a letter carrier emptying a mailbox. I was slightly unnerved: Was the mail being stolen? He then went over to another mailbox with the flag up, and emptied that box, too. I got my hint when he skipped the mailbox with the flag down.

Yes, I was told, in the United States, mail gets picked up from your house, six days a week, free of charge.

I told my friends in Turkey about all this. They shook their heads in disbelief, wondering how easily I had been recruited as a C.I.A. agent, saying implausibly flattering things about my new country. The United States in the world’s imagination is a place of risk taking and ruthless competition, not one of reliable public services.

I bit my tongue and did not tell my already suspicious friends that the country was also dotted with libraries that provided books to all patrons free of charge. They wouldn’t believe me anyway since I hadn’t believed it myself. My first time in a library in the United States was very brief: I walked in, looked around, and ran right back out in a panic, certain that I had accidentally used the wrong entrance. Surely, these open stacks full of books were reserved for staff only. I was used to libraries being rare, and their few books inaccessible. To this day, my heart races a bit in a library.

Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate the link between infrastructure, innovation — and even ruthless competition. Much of our modern economy thrives here because you can order things online and expect them to be delivered. There are major private delivery services, too, but the United States Postal Service is often better equipped to make it to certain destinations. In fact, Internet sellers, and even private carriers, often use the U.S.P.S. as their delivery mechanism to addresses outside densely populated cities.

Almost every aspect of the most innovative parts of the United States, from cutting-edge medical research to its technology scene, thrives on publicly funded infrastructure. The post office is struggling these days, in some ways because of how much people rely on the web to do much of what they used to turn to the post office for. But the Internet is a testament to infrastructure, too: It exists partly because the National Science Foundation funded much of the research that makes it possible. Even some of the Internet’s biggest companies, like Google, got a start from N.S.F.-funded research.

Infrastructure is often the least-appreciated part of what makes a country strong, and what makes innovation take flight. From my spot in line at the post office, I see a country that does both well; not a country that emphasizes one at the expense of the other.

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What Are The Functions Post Office ?

Visit to a Post Office : Post-office is a place where receiving of money orders, postcards, letters, parcels etc. takes place and it is the post office from which dispatch of those items into the designated places is done. Post office is an indispensable part of the communication system and the society. Though a lot if purposes of personal communication are cut down due to emerging of electronic communication such as mobile, telephone, fax, email, etc. but still post office has it’s great importance in the society.

Report on Visit To A Post Office

A visit to post office was a knowledgeable experience. It is a very peaceful place and everything was quite organized. I went to the district post office. It is very spacious inside and each department had different responsibility.

One clerk is employed to receive and send money orders. He is quite busy person. Infect everyone else is. They have their own workload. There is a department which handles post office cum savings Account. Registered and insured letters are also handled by a different clerk. A stamp vendor does the work of stamping all the letters and he is also a scribe.

One sorting center is available inside the post office where all kinds of letters and parcels are sorted according to the pin codes and addresses. Those are sorted and given out for dispatching by distributing to local postman. The postman have a register with all the names of people and that register has to be shown to the post office regularly for confirmation of delivery. They have to get the sign of the receiver.

However developed our communication system are but the post office has it’s significant role in a Society. It is a very responsible institution as the letters, parcels or money orders mean a lot to the sender and receiver. Therefore, a consumer complaint department is also present in a big post office.

It was a very nice experience to be inside the post office. Particularly because everything was so in order.

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