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GNED 500: Self-Reflective Social Action Model Reflection Individual Assignment - 10% Use the social problem focus of your social analysis report group assignment to complete an individual social action reflection using the Self- Reflective Social Action Model (pg.85). Your reflection submission should be 400 to 600 words. The goal is for you to reflect on your own personal learning about the issue, how did you understand the issue, has thisunderstanding changed in any way? How? Do you plan to do anything differently? Has your behaviour and or actions changed in any way? Consider these questions in the contextof the social action and social analysis concepts of the course. As you will recall from the text, this model suggests that our understanding of social problems are shaped by anumber of factors: our experiences, our ideologies and our relationships with institutions/structures of power and the hegemonic discourses that circulate in these spaces to shapeour views and perspectives. Often times, as our worldview is challenged by facts, and social analysis we may experience cognitive dissonance (pg. 84-89), this is what the primaryfocus of this assignment should be. Start with the relevant Social Problems questions that apply to you located at centre of the model (pg. 85) and briefly summarize how you viewed the social problem beforebeginning your analysis for the report assignment. Next move to the On-going self-analysisbox, here again briefly respond to relevant questions from your perspective. Continuethe reflection by responding to relevant questions in each section of the model to develop a complete personal reflection on the social problem of focus.

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SOCIAL ANALYSIS FRAMEWORKSTriangle Model of Social Analysis


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