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Do you remember the Griffin and Sabine series? Those beautiful books from the early 90s that were full of envelopes, remarkable artwork, and a whimsical correspondence between two artists who’d never met?

Nick Bantock’s put out a new volume, The Pharos Gate: Griffin & Sabine’s Lost Correspondence, and I had the pleasure of reviewing it for NPR Books.

Here’s a bit of the review:

I came of letter-writing age with the internet. In 1996, the magical and miraculous was, to me, the possibility of finding other people who loved the things I loved no matter how far away: I’d perform the correct strokes, dial up a screeching djinn, and a glowing portal would open between me and the vastness of the world. It was a quiet place where sharing real names was a mark of deepest trust, where it was possible to pour one’s rawest, most vulnerable thoughts into an aether where probably no one was listening — but if someone was, they might draw closer and be your  friend.

This was perhaps less a review of the book than a review of my own experience of correspondence over the last 15 years — but I think the book, and the project of these books, benefit from that.

I was stunned to discover that there’d been an attempt at Kickstarting a game based on the books, but that it had failed to reach its goal. There seems to be an odd gulf between the people who loved this series years ago and the knowledge that stuff is happening with the material now, so I hope The Pharos Gate finds its audience — just as I hope every letter I trust to the postal system finds its way into the hands I intend.


Like this:



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Nick's new book 'The Tricksters Hat' in stores now.


The Griffin and Sabine double trilogy was described as a new genre in publishing, a marriage of word and image embedded within a mysterious alchemical love story of postcards and letters.



In 1990, after I’d moved to Canada from the UK, I gave up illustrating book covers and started creating books of my own. The first two published were, The Missing Nose Flute and the pop-up, There was an Old Lady...shortly after that came Griffin and Sabine.

It’s hard to describe the speed and intensity of response that Griffin and Sabine engendered. It topped the best seller lists all over US and Canada and sold over a million inside six months. It was a word of mouth phenomena, which continued through Sabine’s Notebook and The Golden Mean. For me personally, the success of the trilogy opened many doors, giving me permission to express my literary and visual ideas. The Egyptian Jukebox and The Venetian’s Wife quickly followed, as well as more pop-ups.

I hated the idea of slowing down, for fear that the creative juices would dry-up, and before I knew it I’d produced 26 books in the 16 years. After Windflower came out in 2006 I needed a break, so I redirected my main focus back to painting, but although I wasn’t publishing, my mind was always ticking over with ideas for books.

Early last year, some of those ideas started to demand my full attention, and I began work on The Trickster’s Hat.

Now that The Trickster has come to life, I’m moving forward with a work of fiction called The Isle of Sarte, which will be published in 2015. After that, who knows...it would be nice to get 50 titles before I hang up my hat, but that maybe stretching it a bit. NB


NB's Bibliography:
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