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Essays On John Henry

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My Hero is John Henry. He was born in the 1890s. When he was born, his mother had named him John Henry. She was so proud of him because she thought he would be a steel driven man.W hen his dad was watching, he was proud of the name and he loved the name. John Henry was the nicest guy on the rail road. The men that worked there were nice to him. John Henry loved his family. He loved his mother a lot. He would do anything if his mother was sick or hurt. Later that day he found a job. He met Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill, and Iron John. He was the best man to work with and the hardest worker on the rail road. He helped the men who needed help the most on the rail road. John Henry was the most respected. John Henry was the most trustworthy person on the rail road. His mother was very proud, and his father was proud too.

One day John Henry was working on the rail road. When he saw something under a brown sheet, John thought that it was a gift, but it wasn't a gift! It was a machine. John Henry was mad because he didn't like the way the machine made the other workers look bad. So one day John Henry was working the steam drill, [that's what they called it) it was close to John. John was angry. He appreciated the fact that he was the most hard working man. So the next day, John Henry bet that he was better than the machine. The machine took that bet. That day John Henry and the machine raced the whole day, and John was thinking to himself that the machine couldn't beat him. John worked so fast that he was out of breath. At the end of that day John beat the steam drill. When he beat the steam drill he laid down his hammer and died. Everybody remembered the day that John Henry beat the steam drill. He had a goal. His goal was to beat the steam drill. His mother was proud of him for what he did. John Henry raced the steam drill because he did it for the people. The people respected him a lot for what he did. Everyone in town thought as if he was a model to men and children in the town. John was the first man alive to beat the steam drill. When John Henry was driving holes into the rocks, he was thinking that he could do it and he did it.

When John Henry was blasting holes into rocks he let his anger out. He could not believe that he had beat the steam drill. John Henry was one of the first African Americans to work on the rail road. John Henry was a respected young black man. John was the most responsible man that there ever was. I would like to do what he did. I was shocked that a young black man beat the steam drill.

I think that John Henry was very strong, that he could defeat the steam drill. He achieved all of his goals that very day. John didn't want to lose to the steam drill. John Henry was determined to beat the steam drill. He believed that he could beat the steam drill. John Henry is my hero because he was the bravest man to face a machine. My hero is John Henry, and he was a strong man.

John Henry was the bravest to do what he did. John Henry was the first to stand up for what was right. He did what he had to do. When John Henry beat the steam drill, he laid down his hammer and died. That is why John Henry is my hero.

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