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Critical Thinking 1010 Game

PHL 1010 Critcal Thinking Day in and day out, month to month, year to year different problems and situations are created were we deal with different personality traits and situations. Some kind, compassionate, some mean, stubborn, self-centered.Some people tend to have more issues some have less issuesthat arise in their everyday lives depending on personal career, family and friend relationships & spiritual connection. For the next few moments I will discuss my own personal issues that have recently happened in my life that have been emotionally significant, why it was important, and how I behaved and solved each problem/issue.In my current profession I’ma medical assistant at a local hospital (Riverside) in Columbus, Ohio. I work in the ICU unit, this unit is made up of medical assistants, LPN's, Nurses, and doctors. On My floor as many as 25 patients are under mycare, the majority are just normal everyday people dealing with health issues and concerns. The specificincident I’mdiscussing is someone who was placed on my floor for three consecutive days, and older gentleman late 50's, spinal surgery,from the first day he had been place he had complained of theroom's temperature, pillows, then went into spills of family visiting hours, etc. Each day his nurse light would constantly flicker as his complaining got worse and worse even after me obeying his commands and making sure his stay was comfortable and he had everything he could possibly need. When this was going on I thought to myself, am I doing an adequate job? Is there something I’m doing wrong? On the third day after the nurse light abuse, I had come into

Unit II Assignment: Game PlanName: Kaitlyn Mazza - - - - -f9e70868-b01d-4300-ae3d-a493c8445c48ExperienceReactionTwo Game Plan StrategiesDecision-Making ProcessNew OutcomeDescribe the situation and why it was important to you.Describe how you reacted.Identify two of the strategies identified in the book, and develop critical thinking questions you would ask yourself as part of your self-assessment.Include bullet points sharing your decision-making process.Address the new outcomes/solutions resulting from the integration of these strategies.My life experience would bethe custody battle that I went through with my now ex-husband just a few short years ago. As any mother would want for her kids when something this unfortunate happens to her family would be to have fullcustody and not look back. This was very important to me because for the duration of our marriage he was not around. I describe my married life as being a married single mother. I felt in my heart that I needed to be their voice and stand up for them.

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