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We have provided below various speech on friendship. All the friendship speech are written well using very simple and easy words for the students. Speeches on friendship are given according to the time limit of 3 mins, 5 mins, 7 mins, etc. Yes students, you are at right place, select any of the speech according to your requirement.

Speech on Friendship

Friendship Speech 1

As we have gathered here at this auspicious occasion, I would like to speech over the friendship. First of all I would like to say Good morning to the Excellencies, respected teachers and my dear friends. A friend is a most precious gift to all of us. We should always understand its importance and give value without having any misunderstanding. Friendship is a relationship where no any blood relation exists. It is a limitless relation goes forever without the rule of give and take. It is the special and unique relation of love and affection to any other person in the world. True friendship never sees the caste, creed, religion and colour of person; it only sees the internal beauty, simplicity and soul of the two or three person going to be involved in the friendship.

Friend of anyone is someone with whom one may feel comfortable and belief to each other as well as share their thoughts, ideas and personal feelings. Friend is one with whom we can feel safe and secure and do not need to think twice for any matter. True friends involved in the friendship love each other unconditionally and understand each other need without judging on the matter. They always ready to support each other and provide good knowledge and advice. There is a most famous friendship of Krishna and Sudama in India which has become a great example of true friendship from the ancient time. There is a common saying about the friendship by the Elbert Hubbard “A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.”

A true friend always stands together and helps whenever another one need help and support. A true friend never cares his/her own important works and leaves all works to help friends. He/she never leave a friend alone especially during the difficult times of life. It is said that time takes hard exams of true friends in their difficult times. Actually difficult time is a best time which realizes us about the value and importance of true friends. The people having true friends in the life are really blessed with most precious gifts. Making number of friends in the life does not matter with the quality of friendship. True friends (whether one, two or three) are enough for whole life; instead of having many friends who never understand the situation of the needy one. Friends are the real supporter in life who teaches us how to face difficulties of life. They are the real well wishers of us who changes our bad viewpoints about anything for good.

Thank You

Friendship Speech 2

Good morning to the Excellencies, respected teachers and my colleagues, at this great occasion I would like to speech on the friendship. I have especially selected this topic to keep my views in front of you about the value and importance of friendship. Friendship is the purest forms of relation exist between two, three or more people. Getting a true, sincere and loving friend in this world is really the matter of luck. True friendship is a special gift from God to one of us who get it. True friends make our meaningless life meaningful and show us a true path of success in the life. They are friends who make our journey of life easy, joyous and vibrant. They never laugh at our mistakes instead they lead us on right path by continuous support.

True friends always become free for their friends and ready to help them in their difficult times of life even after being involved in the busy schedule. Friendship is a truly priceless relation in this world which can never be bought or sold to anyone. It depends on the true love created in the heart of people involved in the friendship. It never depends on the materialistic pleasure of the world. Genuine friends are the real happiness of the life who never forget each other and always support. We as a human being always get problems in the life time to time according to the situation and get difficulty in living the social life which needs emotional and moral support. In such conditions, our true friends plays great role and take us out of the difficulties. A life without true friend is considered as incomplete life. It does not matter that you have a happy and luxurious life however it matters when you does not have any true friends all through the life.

A good friend is one whom we can share every small and big happiness, secrets and problems of life without any hesitation. Friendship is a relation which prevents us from the emotional problems as it promotes us to share our inner thoughts and feelings. True friends never criticize their friends instead they help them to come out of the shortcomings. They guide them like a tunnel of light whenever one follows wrong path. True friends always understand full rights of them on their friends and advice them truly to chose right path. They take our every mistake seriously and try to show us right way in right direction. We can say that true friend is more precious than any priceless gem in the world.

Thank You

Friendship Speech 3

Good morning to the Excellencies, respected teachers and my lovely friends. The topic of my speech today is friendship. As we all know that true friendship is a precious gift in the life. As being a social animal we cannot live our life alone. We naturally get attracted towards each other according to our need and requirement and in the particular course of time our intimacy grows between us which remains for long time. There exists high level of trust between each other which is called friendship. Generally, persons of the same age, similar passions, emotions, sentiments and status gets involved in the friendship however it is completely independent of the age, sex, social status, etc. True friendship can be between two people of any age, religion, caste, sex, and social status.

Friendship is a true relation required by all of us for our goodness. We all need company of true friends whole life to pass our days cheerfully. They stand with us together in our all happy and bad days as well as give us real joy in life by sharing our happy and sad moments. The example of real friendship is very rare to see in the life. The true and historical friendship we know ever is the friendship of Krishna and Sudama. Some people become very selfish and do friendship with rich, clever and high social status people only for their own benefits. Such friends never support in bad times of the life instead always want to get benefited by them. They leave their friends in bad times however true friends never leave their friends alone and help them whenever they need.

Many selfish people make rounds of the good people to make friendship with them. The recognition of true friends become only in bad times as true friends never left alone and bad friends always do opposite. We should take caution of such selfish friends while making friendship to them anytime in the life. Real friends always help their friends whenever they become in need. There is a common saying about true friendship “A friend in need is a friend indeed” and “Fortune brings friends but adversity tries them”.

True friends have good character, good feelings and well wishes about their friends. They never try to give pain to their friends in the life instead they help them always by being in touch forever. True friendship has no any blood relation however does more than any blood relation.

Thank You

Friendship Speech 4

Good morning to the Excellencies, respected teachers and my dear friends. I would like to speech on the topic of friendship. First of all I would like to say lots of thanks to my class teacher who has given me such a great chance to speech at this occasion. Friendship is one of the most precious and beautiful relationships in this world. This relationship is not a blood relation however do a lot more than all blood relations which we cannot imagine and express into words. Real and true friends become the pillar of strength for us who always give us needed emotional support and physical support. True friends never feel bad in spending their precious time and feel greatest joys of them whenever their friends need help in bad moments of life. It is very tough to get true friendship in this world however not impossible. We should not get tired and always search for the good friends throughout the life because it is hard to get but not impossible.

True friends always become together throughout the life together with fulfilling their responsibilities towards their family. Friendship is a lovely relationship memorizes us with sweet moments all through the life. We see movies, listen songs, see TV serials, eat food, study and other works together without any hassle. Some questions arises in the mind of everyone such as why good friends are necessary in the life, why true friends have more value than other relations in our life, what is the truth of this invisible bond which holds two or more friends together for years or lifetime, what lessons a true friendship teaches us and so many questions.

Trust is very necessary in all relations however it comes naturally in the matter of friendship. True friendship goes on forever with the mutual trust and proper understanding. Trust and understanding increases when relationship becomes deep and mature with time. Sometimes our best friends take deeper place in our heart more than our parents, brothers and sisters. We always believe on our best friends and follow their judgement blindly with the confidence that they never lead us on wrong way.

We always remember all the nice moments with friends such as sharing toys, favourite possessions, lunch boxes, clothes, books, home works, etc. The habit of sharing with friends teaches us of being unselfish and generous whole life.

Thank You


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Everyone has a best friend. Maybe you’ve met them at work. Grown up together. Some people even marry their best friend.  A best friend is always someone that can make you happy when you’re sad or make fun times even more fun.

In fact, you don’t even need to read me ramble on about what a best friend is, because I’m sure you know what I mean anyways.

Best friends are your best friend because they’re the best! (deep huh)

My best buddy in the world is a girl and she’s one of the prettiest girls I know by far. I’ve only known her five years, but in those 5 years we’ve become the closest mates ever.

We first met at a shopping center one morning, I think it was a Sunday. I was by myself, walking through the shops when I saw her.  I walked into the store she was in and introduced myself. Within 5 minutes of meeting I knew we’d get along great.

She came back to my house and met my partner at the time. They also got along amazingly. 5 years later that relationship ended but my friend from that day stuck by my side.

One time she had to go into hospital to have an operation on her leg. She was in pretty bad shape and I was really upset about it. I looked after her every day until she was better. Made her breakfast and dinner; I’m not very good at cooking, but she never complained. I even had to help her have a bath, which she hated but. . . I guess these are the things you do when you’re that close.
It took a while and she got very depressed, but eventually she started feeling better and things went back to normal.

I have no idea how we get along so well to tell you the truth. I like to do indoors stuff – writing, reading, video games etc. But she does none of that stuff. Ever! She’s more of an outdoors type. She loves the outdoors.

She’s not really big on meeting people though, which can make social occasions when we’re together awkward sometimes. She’s one of those people who is content with the people she’s familiar with and that’ll do. Not interested in new friends much. This gets some people offside sometimes. Other friends think she’s snobby, some even say that she hates everything. I know what they mean, but I get to see a whole different side to her.

Not that I haven’t had ‘disagreements’ with her before. We’ve been angry at each other on a few occasions. For example, she’s vomited all over my carpet not once, but three times. Three times I’ve had to clean her spew!

She does get awful jealous sometimes though. When ever I’ve had a girl over, she always does her best to get between us. Literally. It’s awkward to say the least. But she’s my best friend and I don’t want to upset her. So we’ve set up a bed in my room that she can sleep in when she wants.

She sleeps a lot too. Mostly during the day. She’s quite the night owl and tends to often want to do fun stuff when I’ve gotta get up early. It’s a bit annoying, but we find a happy medium whenever I get home from work. We try to spend as much time hanging out and playing in-between getting home and going to bed.

Oh and she LOOVVEESS Balls! Seriously. Any chance she gets, its all about chasing balls. There is nothing she’d prefer to do than to be outside, playing with balls. Usually after a big session of playing we relax on the couch with a schmacko, I rub her belly and we watch TV.

She will run the entire length of the house, no matter what she is doing, to lick my face if someone yells out ‘Kiss for dad’. In fact that’s the only name she knows me by – Dad. She has many names I call her though. Pickle. Missile. Monkey. Little. But her real name is Pixar.

Pixar is my dog and this week she turns 5 years old.

Her favourite toy is a fabric pig that she’s had since her first week with me. All of its stuffing is ripped out of every bit except for its head but she doesn’t care. She likes almonds and sweet potato and is frightened of anything that has hummus on it. She likes watching Dexter, but hates Conan O’Brien and when she farts the noise scares her. She also snores and moves her legs like she’s running when she dreams.

There have been times that I’ve been more upset than I thought could be possible, yet she was always there to give me love, cuddles and sloppy kisses. Unconditionally. All she ever asks for is some food, a walk and the occasional belly scratch.
I know she’ll never read this blog (cause that would be goddam scary if she ever could), and she’ll probably never even know my name. But as far as best buddies go, I couldn’t wish for a better one.

She’s my best friend and I love her heaps.

Happy Birthday Pickle.

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