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Essay On Linguistic Anthropology Programs

Linguistic Anthropology

Language is part of what makes us human. Linguistic anthropologists study language, and how language is used in order to understand culture. Linguistic anthropologists are interested in how many languages there are, how those languages are distributed across the world, and their contemporary and historical relationships. We are also interested in language variation, why variations exist, how the variations are used (i.e., do you say ‘tomAto’ or ‘tomahto’?!), and what they mean when they are used in various contexts. Our specializations at CSULB include language and education, language socialization, language and gender, language in medical settings, language and policy, language loss, maintenance, and revitalization. Increasingly, linguistic anthropologists are in the forefront of these fields providing essential information for program development, policy formation, and practical solutions to everyday language and cultural issues. There are many opportunities for students to become involved with linguistic anthropological research in local and international contexts through CSULB.

Every year the Society for Linguistic Anthropology (SLA) confers an award for a distinguished undergraduate research paper.Selected winners will be awarded $500, a certificate of accomplishment, and a $300 travel grant to the AAA Annual Meeting in Washington DC, November 29 – Dec 3 2017.  In addition, the winning essay will be considered for publication in our signature journal, Journal of Linguistic Anthropology.

Essays will be judged on the basis of research contributions to the field of linguistic anthropology, clarity, organization, and engagement with existing scholarship.  If this sounds like a paper you have, and it has been written within the last two years, and has not previously been published, then considering submitting your essay to the SLA contest!

Deadline June 30, 2017


  • Submit an original sole-author work based on your own research while in an undergraduate degree-granting program.
  • Submissions must be submitted no more than 2 years since they were written.
  • Submissions cannot be previously published or currently under review/submitted for publication elsewhere.
  • Submit one document only.
  • Maximum 25 double-spaced pages
  • The first page of your essay should have this information:
  • Title of the paper
  • Author’s name
  • Author’s email address
  • Author’s college or university when the paper was written
  • The date that the paper was written
  • The course that the paper was written for (if it was written for a course)
  • Name of the faculty instructor/advisor for the paper
  • Author’s undergraduate degree and date of degree
  • Author’s current university, college, and/or place of employment

Deadline:  June 30, 2017

Submit to:  slacontest2017ug@gmail.com

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