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Should Assault Weapons Be Banned Essay

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... Topic: Smoking should be banned permanently Name: Course: Instructor’s Name: Date: 30th May, 2012 Outline * Title Page * Introduction * Thesis statement * Body * Reasons as to why smoking should be banned permanently. * Conclusion * References Introduction. Smoking develops slowly and becomes a hard to drop habit when one becomes addicted. Smoking has a lot of disadvantages and impacts negatively on the smokers’ finances. Thesis statement: This paper seeks to define the reasons as to why I believe smoking should be banned permanently Reasons why belief smoking should be banned permanently. In my view, smoking should be prohibited entirely as the dangers associated with the habit are numerous and the disadvantages by far surpass perceived benefits of smoking. Firstly, smoking has adverse effects on health. Smoking can cause cancer of the lung, bronchitis and diseases of the heart. This leads to high mortality rates in a country (Bearman, 2011). Studies have also found that smoking contribute to impotence among smokers. Secondly, smoking is a hugely expensive habit. The cost to an individual smoker is highly significant. For instance, a person smoking two packets a day smokes over 700 packets in one year. Assuming that a pack costs $6, the individual would spend up to $4,200 per year. There are also indirect expenses incurred due to lost productivity and in health care. Thirdly, the habit of smoking is highly addictive. Nicotine contained......

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...Just a few weeks ago a man with the name Adam Lanza decided to take the guns of his mother and take the life of 20 children and 8 adults, including his mother's and his own. This atrocity hasn't been the first one. In the weeks since the massacre, gun control supporters have called for a new federal ban on assault weapons and for reductions in the number of concealed-carry permits issued to private citizens. However, to blame assault weapons for this tragedy makes sense like blaming airplanes for the 9-11 attacks. The problem lies with the perpetrator, not the tool used to commit the crime. It is an illusion that further gun control will protect the public since no law, no matter how restrictive, can protect us from people who decide to commit violent crimes. Guns should never be banned in the United States, because the possession of guns ultimately helps improve public safety. Embodied in the Second Amendment to the Constitution is the truth that self-governing individuals should bear the responsibility for defending themselves. The Amendment states, a well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Cramer and Joseph examined the history of pistols in early America that tells us the Framers' original intent in protecting the right of the people to keep and bear arms with no apparent limitations concerning handguns. Many pro gun control supporters adhere to the belief that......

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...Fallacies of the Assault Weapons Ban Abstract Violent crime is a growing problem in our country. Politicians are always looking for new laws to impose on their people in order to combat the problem. Unfortunately, some of these laws are written by individuals who do not possess a thorough knowledge of the topic they are attempting to regulate. One example of these laws is the Federal Assault Weapons Ban that was in place from 1994-2004. This law made it illegal to produce or purchase a firearm that had certain cosmetic features which had no effect of the lethality of the firearm when used as a weapon. The politicians had essentially banned firearms that they deemed looked scary. Now there is a push for a renewed Federal Assault Weapons Ban. It is imperative the people know that this infringement on our Second Amendment rights is constructed around banning firearms based on how they look instead of how effective they are as weapons. Fallacies of the Assault Weapons Ban There are many political issues in the world that incite strong emotional reactions from people from all walks of life. These issues can turn the tide of a political campaign because of the emotions involved with them. Quite often, the most emotion inspiring issues are related to individual rights and public safety. A major issue that is constantly debated by opposing interest groups is gun control. This is a topic that creates a firestorm of debate between people all over the country. On one......

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...Assault Weapons Ban Within the past few years there has been several mass shootings with in the United States like Sandy hook and Columbine. These crimes were done assault weapons, due to these crimes the proposal of an assault weapons ban is being brought up. This interests me as an active gun owner and activist. But with as much of an unbiased view I look for the answer. Should there be a ban on assault weapons? The most popular method for attempting to reduce violent crimes would be gun control. The idea for an assault weapons ban is on the rise. The recent proposal of an assault weapons ban is not the first within the U.S. Back in 1994 there was a federal assault weapon ban (Warrick). This ban was eventually repealed in 2004. This previous ban banned military style weapons with high volume magazines. With the thought of these bans brings up a question, is it constitutional for these bans. The second amendment gives U.S. citizens the right to bear arms. But with this right comes restrictions, it doesn’t mean that a citizen can waltz around with a firearm anywhere they please. Also there are restrictions on who can and cant own certain or any fire arms like felons and the mentally ill (Kelly). With the idea of gun control and assault weapons bans it’s to reduce the frequency of violent crimes committed with firearms. This comes from the idea that firearms are a more dangerous and lethal weapon compared to other possible weapons. But gun use and possession is a......

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...XXX Professor XXX date To Ban or Not to Ban Assault Weapons? That is the Ultimate Question… 1966, twenty-five year old Charles Joseph Whitman climbed to the top of the clock tower in Austin and killed sixteen and injured thirty innocent students at the University of Texas. 1991, George Hennard, thirty-five, drove up to the Luby’s Cafeteria in Killeen, Texas and opened fire on forty innocent patrons. Twenty-three of Hennard’s shots were fatal. 1999, citizens in the small Colorado County of Douglas were mortified after witnessing the massacre of thirteen students at Columbine High School at the hands of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. 2007, the campus of Virginia Tech was forever changed when twenty-three year old Seung-Hui Cho who opened fire killing thirty-two students and teachers. 2012, Adam Lanza shocked the entire world when he took the lives of twenty students and six teachers at an elementary school in Connecticut (CNN). Horrific, terrifying, and saddening all describe the above-mentioned events. And as would be expected, each one of these events brought forth the question, “Where does the America draw the line between personal freedoms and the safety and well-being of her citizens?” The Second Amendment promises, “[…] the right of people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” But, the recent shooting in Connecticut has caused the extremely emotionally charged arguments both for and against the ban of assault weapons to resurface within the United States......

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...Analysis of Assault Weapon and Large-Capacity Magazine Bans Lawrence A. Cifarelli III University of New Haven Abstract The Assault Weapon and Large-Capacity Magazine Ban of 1994 is a policy that was implemented in order to reduce the homicide rate involving assault weapons and keep this type of weapon out of the hands of criminals. Also, large-capacity magazines were also banned, thus intending on reducing the homicide rate since criminals would not be able to have magazines that could carry more than 10 rounds of ammunition. Using various sources of data, the ban will be decided to have succeeded in its intended purpose or if it had failed given the data that will be scrutinized. The main thing that people wanted out of this ban is that less people will be killed, and there are many people who will take both sides of the fence in this argument. The homicide rates are posted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics and the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Supplementary Homicide Report and both clearly come to the same conclusion that from the time that the ban was put into effect, firearm homicide has decreased. As far as exactly how much of this decrease is accredited to the ban has been widely discussed but the policy cannot be both a failure and a success. Therefore the data will lead us to one evidence-based decision as to whether or not the ban was able to complete its intended purpose. Large-capacity magazines, listed as having the capability to carry more than......

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...Argument: Assault rifles have a name and reputation that make them seem much more dangerous than they really are. There are many misconceptions about these rifles amongst the public, media, and politicians and as such they have been demonized as weapons with the sole purpose of dealing death and destruction. In actuality assault rifles play a very small part in gun violence or mass killings and banning them would do nothing to slow these crimes. Opening: Good morning Senators, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to speak today. A man enters a crowded public area; he places the stock of his gun against his hip and pulls the trigger, holding it down as he firing indiscriminately into the crowd killing dozens of innocents in mere seconds. Is this the type of image that comes to mind when someone mentions the word assault rifle? It was when I first heard the term, but this stigma is incorrect and unfair. The weapon I have described is not in fact an assault rifle but rather a military grade machine gun. Anyone in his or her right mind would agree that no average citizen would ever have the need to possess a fully automatic military grade firearm. That is why machine guns such as I described are as illegal today as they have been for the past twenty-seven years. Narration: It is being proposed today that banning assault rifles would be beneficial in protecting the American people. That if people are no longer allowed to purchase these weapons, gun......

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...Regina Dodson Student ID AC1400470 SP180.1.1 Principles of Public Speaking Assignment 06_06 02-07-2014 I Believe and Persuaded the Use of Cell Phones Should Be Mandatorily Banned Nationwide To Prevent Unnecessary Distractive Driving Banning the use of cell phones should be made mandatory nationwide while driving because it is a one of the nations’ top killers in America. Driving while being distracted kills thousands of people every year. Yet many drivers think they are good at managing both tasks so they continue to text behind the wheel. A car travels approximately 100 yards in less than the 5 seconds it takes to read a text. Texting distracts people from driving properly by diverting their attention to their cell phone, instead of focusing on the road. Furthermore, studies show that texting is as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. Subjects are found to be mentally impaired while driving and chatting on a mobile device as when they are under the influence. These are the top reasons why I believe and am convinced that driving while on a cell phone should be banned in America. Cell Phone Usage as Top Killer in America National statistics show that cell phone usage while driving has become one of the nation’s top killers on our roadways today. According to the Texting and Driving Safety Statistics an average of 1,600,000 accidents are reported each year due to texting while driving. Nearly 25 percent of all accidents nationwide, 11 percent of which are teenagers...

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...“There are hundreds of millions of gun owners in this country, and not one of them will have an accident today. The only misuse of guns comes in environments where there are drugs, alcohol, bad parents, and undisciplined children. Period” (Nugent). There are millions and millions of people who owns guns. That does not mean that guns are bad. Many people argue that guns are too harmful and people should not have the right to own them. However, there are many cases where guns have saved peoples’ lives. It can be argued that they are dangerous or are good devices to have. I believe that guns are beneficial to have because they can help save people’s lives, put food on the table, and they can stop a crime before it happens. My first issue I will talk about to prove my point is a little history about guns. How many people own guns, how many people have them registered, etc. In 2009, in the United States, Americans owned roughly 310 million firearms. The United States population is around 315 million people (Curry). With these numbers, it means that statistically just about every American owns a gun. That is not the case, however, because many Americans own more than only one gun and some own none. They have handguns, rifles, shotguns, etc. and there are many different purposes for each type of gun. While there are a high number of gun owners in America, there were “approximately 8 million active concealed-carry permits in the United States as of the end of 2011” (Curry). Many......

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...Air and water are the most vital resources on this earth and hydraulic fracturing is threatening the reliability of the world’s resources at a startling rate, effectively destroying water and air supplies with chemical contamination. What happens when water no longer flows from the faucet, shower, or hose? What happens when the air outside is no longer breathable? This is a frightening prospect which has led to one solution, the process of hydraulic fracturing should be banned to avoid many significant environmental risks. Research has shown hydraulic fracturing has been the cause of numerous environmentally damaging incidents, the most significantly documented is the ground water contamination specifically the detrimental chemicals. “Drinking water sources have been contaminated with explosive methane, as well as other dangerous substances, such as benzene and arsenic, that can cause cancer and other serious illnesses.” (Thompson 2013). The fact that these chemicals are leeching into the public’s drinking water and private wells shows the severity of the impact that fracking is having on the environment. "We don't know if they're connecting to another natural seam in the formation that lets gas or possibly toxic fluids migrate into water supplies," he said. "We do know from a study by Duke University in Marcellus Shale that 68 water wells in New York and 51 in Pennsylvania have been contaminated with hazardous levels of methane, where the risk of explosion in the water......

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...Should Assault Weapons Be Banned? In the present day, gun shootings are not new to our ears. The debate over gun control has been relentless with the efforts of gun control by the top people in the government falling on deaf ears. The news in the magazines, newspapers, and the television depict that assault weapons are making things worse for the ordinary man. Millions of emergency department visits have also announced that gun control needs to be taken with a lot of weight. Thousands of civilians have died from firearm homicides. It is, therefore, necessary to discuss the harmful and unnecessary role of assault weapons in the society. Of all the guns in America, assault rifles make up to 1.7% of them. They play an indispensable function in the society. Studies have depicted that 67% of the gun owners carry firearms for protection purposes while 66% carry the firearms for target shooting. 585 carry firearms for hunting. From these three grounds, it is understandable that none of them has a specific reason for owning the firearms. In short, all these persons carry the weapons for assault reasons. The firearms are highly visible, inaccurate, and bulky. Carrying firearms by the citizens is a risk; hence the assault weapons should be banned. There has been the claim that assault weapons would limit the freedom of the citizens. However, this claim is unsubstantiated. The assault weapons could not be used to monitor the security of the civilians. Instead of preventing homegrown......

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Cigarettes Should Be Banned F

...Cigarettes should be banned from this topic. Medical studies have shown that smoking not only leads to health problems for the smoker, but also for people close by. There are approximately 600 ingredients in cigarettes. When burned, they create more than 7,000 chemicals. At least 69 of these chemicals are known to cause cancer, and many are poisonous. Tobacco smoke consists of many harmful chemical, that was responsible for more than 100 million deaths worldwide in the 20th Century. The World Health Organization has estimated that, if current trends continue, tobacco could cause a billion deaths in the 21st Century. So based on these studies, I strongly agree that cigarettes should be banned. First of all, it has been proven that tobacco consists of carcinogenic compounds which cause serious harm to a person’s health, not only the smoker. So anyone around them included the smoker could develop cancers of the lungs, mouth and throat, and other sites in the body. It is simply not fair to impose this upon another person. It is also the case that people’s health is more important than businesses. In any case, pubs and restaurants could adapt to a ban by, for example, allowing smoking areas. Besides, we all complain about the high medical costs and taxes yet we do not see that children and asthmatics often need medical care more than they should because of smoking around them. It is also expensive for the smoker as it is a costly habit which affects the family’s...

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Assault Weapons Should Be Outlawed

The latest elementary school massacre in Connecticut once again triggered a wave of public outrage. People demand assault weapons be banned to prevent this tragedy from repeating. Considering the fact that this horrid massacre is not the first of its kind, these calls for a lawful ban are well-grounded.

Military style weapons often encourage mentally unhinged people to imagine themselves as some sort of commandos. Holding a gun like this plays into their fantasies and allows them to take it to the next level. Even if their unstable minds see this situation as a game, the harm they do when armed is real.

The number of people with anger management issues has increased dramatically over the last few decades. The reasons that make people so prone to violent outbursts are important, and need to be addressed in order to reduce the stress on the individuals that are most susceptible to aggressive reactions. Banning them from using assault weapons will not solve the problems that cause these people to be violent. However, this will remove the most dangerous tool they can use to harm others. Considering the fact that it’s impossible to identify every person who should not be trusted with a gun, it is best to enact a ban that will be effective for everyone.

During the 20th and 21st centuries, various kinds of guns were banned in different parts of the world. The reason that caused the local government to resort to enact this law is usually the same – a massacre committed by a gunman. Another thing that is also similar in all of these cases is the fact that every time, the number of homicides and suicides committed with the use of assault weapons is drastically reduced after enacting the ban. The numbers usually climb back up once the ban is removed.

Many people oppose gun control policies. Their strongest arguments revolve around the fact that there is no specific definition of an “assault weapon”. They claim that banning the weapons used for hunting or sports shooting is impossible, as they are two perfectly legitimate pastimes. These arguments can be effectively dismissed if the legislative body that issues the ban works out a detailed list of characteristics for the weapons that should be banned. This list must ensure that no weapon dangerous enough to allow another massacre is easily available to anyone.

Assault weapons are too dangerous to be allowed for people to use freely. Many individuals today cannot be trusted with any kind of gun. Since it is impossible to control every person, the authorities should control the tools that can be used for murder.

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