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Research Paper On Dth Services In Mumbai



The development of the Direct to home sector has experienced a major process of transformationin terms of its growth, technological content and market structure in the last decade. Anycompany which is successful is because of their reach among customers which is possiblethrough the effective tools through which a company communicates and attracts its customer.Dish TV & Tata Sky is the most famous brand and has a sophisticated place and market leader  position in the mind of customer. This is due to its strong brand image. The attempt behind this project was to find out the effectiveness of DISH TV & Tata Sky as a brand over the retailoutlets and its competitor position over these outlets, so that company would be able to find outits lagging area and can focus more effectively to target more and more customer and tocommunicate them more easily.In the year 2004 Tata Sky was incorporated but was launched only in 2006. It is a jointventure between the Tata Group, that owns 80% and STAR Group that owns a 20% stake Itcurrently offers close to 280+ channels (as of December 2011) and some interactive ones; thiscount includes some numbers off HD channels offered by Tata Sky (as Tata Sky - HD) andinteractive services also.In the clash between these two pioneers of the Indian DTH industry, it seems as of nowthat Tata Sky is slowly taking the lead, with more emphasis on new technology (as showcased bytheir effort at DVR recording and MPEG-4 compression), Dish TV seems to be uninterested for now, but with more and more people switching to Tata Sky, they may have to take drastic actionsoon.


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