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Essay My Hometown Penang Airport

By Bus

The best way of getting to Penang International Airport, apart from self-drive by car hire, is to take a bus.

The main bus station in George Town is on Victoria Street and passengers staying in the city’s hotels should make their way to this main bus terminal – beware, George Town has very few footpaths and getting around on foot can be difficult. It is possible to take a trishaw around the city for about RM30 per hour, but the number of these peddled vehicles is dwindling in favour of taxis clogging up the traffic.

The Rapid Penang Bus lines 401, 401A and 401E are a shuttle service running between the airport and Komtar and the Jetty. The busses run every 30 minutes and take around 1 hour to reach their final destination. Bus 401 also goes through south Ekspres Bas terminal, which has connections to mainland cities in Penang. The bus far for one journey per adult is around RM 2.70.

The main bus terminals are based at Jetty and at Komtar Building/Shopping Mall. A map with all the routes is available there. Bus drivers only take the exact fare, they do not have change.

Public busses do not pick up passengers after 10 pm, not even on weekends or public holidays do they flout this rule. Anyone needing transportation after 10 pm must be prepared to pay an additional 100% fee on top of their usual fare for the taxi.

By Taxi

Taxi drivers often try to cheat foreigners and refuse to use the meter. It is best to ask the hotel staff for help, when ordering a taxi and one must either negotiate a fixed price to the airport or insist the driver uses the taxi meter during the journey. The taxi fare to the airport should be around RM38, the official taxi metered fare, and the time for getting to Penang International Airport from George Town city centre is around 45 minutes by cab.

By hired Scooter or Motorbike

It is possible to rent a motorbike or scooter to get around. It is only just over 16 km / 9.9 miles to the airport, so getting to Penang International Airport under one’s own steam on two wheels is possible. The cost for one of these vehicles is around RM25 for 24 hour rental and the deposit is around RM200, so if one is staying with friends who don’t have a car, they can take one on a scooter and take the scooter back to either Chulia Street or Penang Road, where scooter and motorbike hire can be found.

By Ferry

Passengers staying on some on the islets just off Penang Island need to take a ferry to the terminal at Weld Quay (Pengkalan Weld), which is located in the east of George Town. The bus station is close by in Victoria Street.

There are also ferry services between Butterworth and the city centre. Foot passengers have to pay RM 1.20 per person from Butterworth to Penang Island, while motorists go free. There are bus and train stations in Butterworth, connecting to the major cities on the Malaysia Peninsular. Train tickets must be purchased in advance. At Butterworth the ticket counters are situated under the overpass next to the small market area.

For more information about Penang International Airport, please visit the official airport website at http://www.malaysiaairports.com.my

Malaysia’s third busiest airport has the official IATA code of PEN – standing in for Penang International Airport. Located a mere 9.9 miles/ 16 km south of George Town, the airport serves a large region and provides extensive links with major cities across South East Asia and beyond. George Town is Penang region’s capital city.

Penang has not lost in popularity with tourists, who over the years have come to adore the “Pearl of the Orient” and many return as often as they can. Malaysian people are friendly and charming and Penang, with its wonderful stalls selling delicious street food, its beautiful architecture and fascinating culture is attracting a large number of tourists every year.

In 2009 some 3.3 million visitors used Penang International Airport and in 2010 this had already increased to nearly 4.2 million passengers.

The official airport address is at

Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Penang, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia, tel +60 (0) 4 643 44 11 and fax +60 (0) 4 643 5399.

Penang Airport serves mainly the north of western Malaysia and the premises are medium-sized, with check-in and baggage reclaim being comparatively faster than at large sites. Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu International are both busier and larger. Penang International is mainly used by two budget airlines, namely AirAsia and Firefly.

Better known carriers operating from Penang International Airport are Cathay Pacific, China Southern Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Wings Air and Thai Airways International to name but a few. The carriers fly to destinations like Medan, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Jakarta or Guangzhou.

The airport’s runways are 10,997 ft / 3,352 meters in length and last year the location recorded some 147,057 tonnes of airfreight movements, not a bad achievement for an airport of this size!

In 2009, following a year on year increase of passenger numbers and freight movement requirements, the country’s finance minister announced that some RM250 million would be set aside for an expansion programme.

Passengers arriving at Penang have a choice of public transport available. There are taxis, of course, but there are also 3 bus routes taking visitors into the capital city. The Rapid Penang service has its own bus counter on the ground floor level of the arrivals hall and a ticket for bus line U401 costs around 2 – 3 Ringgit. The bus will stop at a number of halts until it gets to Komtar, from where a 5 to 10 minute walk will take visitors to hotels like the Tune Hotel. Due to the many stops, this service can be a lot slower than the name “Rapid” might suggest!

A the taxi counter in the arrivals hall, passengers can ask for assistance. Once the helpful staff know, which hotel a visitor is heading for, they will issue a voucher to the visitor, for which the visitor pays and the tourist then takes the paid voucher to the taxi stand. The taxi driver issues a counterfoil to confirm that the transaction has been concluded, when he/she delivers the passenger safely to their destination. This system is designed to reassure foreign travellers, who might be worried that due to language difficulties they might not negotiate the correct fare.

The fare depends on where one stays on Penang Island and there are 7 different zones. Zone 1 costs around 14 Ringgit, Zone 2 will cost around RM22 and Zone 5 to George Town will cost around RM38, if one wishes to be dropped off at the Hotel Berjaya. During 12am and 6am passengers will have to pay a 50% surcharge for taxi services, no matter where they go.

Local markets are famous and travellers rave about the variety of fruit and vegetables on offer as well as the amazing fusion of Asian food that one can buy cheaply from street vendors.

For more information about Penang International, please visit the official website at http://www.malaysiaairports.com.my

The Air Transport Association (IATA) code for Penang Airport is PEN. It is also identified as Penang International We have provided the GPS location which are as follows 5.30000, 100.26667 to help either your arrival directions to or perhaps give you directions from the airport to your chosen destination.

Please find below a selection of Airlines, Destination and approx flight times from Penang.

Here you can see the busiest Airlines that fly from Penang are Malaysia Airline, Airasia and Firefly amongst others. They cover 27 flight routes out the total of 21. The busiest which is Malaysia Airline covers a total of 286 flights per week and goes to 11 destinations. Of all the destinations from Penang International, Malaysia Airline covers 28%. Malaysia Airline airline offers flights to Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah, Kuala Lumpur International, Changi, Langakawi International, Polonia and Suvarnabhumi International among others.

You can see below a selection of nonstop flights with approximate times

Many popular hire car companies are located at the airport and are situated either in the Arrivals lounge or very close by. You will need to present a valid driving licence and credit card if you intend to hire a vehicle. With so much choice of car rental at Penang airport it may be wise to book online before you arrive as there is limited choice of vehicles at certain times of the year.

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