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How To Organize Your Homework Desk For 2

One of the toughest things about being in school is getting all of your homework done on time. After a long day of classes and any after-school activities you might have, you just want to go home and relax or hang out with your friends… you don’t want to go back to doing schoolwork! It’s easy to procrastinate, put it off, and eventually just forgo doing it altogether.

It’s even easier to do this when you aren’t organized. If you don’t know when your homework is due, or what homework is due when, or where your books or pens are, it’s going to make getting things done that much harder. On the other hand, if you keep things neat and tidy, it will be much more simple to finish your homework efficiently. Maybe then you’ll have time to relax… while getting good grades. Here are 15 homework organization tips to make your life easier:


1. Create a homework station. Having one set space to do your homework will make it easier to do it. Use this checklist when setting it up. 

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2. Use these tips for ideas on what to include in a homework station at your desk. 



3. Make this DIY caddy to hold all of your stuff in one place.



4. If you don’t have a spare desk to use, just create a homework station on a magnetic board on the wall. 



5. You can create a mini homework station on a pretty tray. It’s easy because it can be portable too. 



6. Make a homework station turntable that’s easy to navigate.



7. Get a little plastic file cabinet and give each class it’s own drawer. Put all of your stuff for each class in it’s specific drawer. It will make it so much easier to find everything. 



8. Create a goal list for when you want to get your homework and studying done. Use post-it notes so you can change it up every week. 



9. If you’re easily distracted, create a homework station on a trifold board. 



10.Make a dry erase board for each class to write down all of your assignments. 



11. Dedicate an entire dresser to your school books, supplies, and notebooks so that nothing gets lost. 



12. Make a binder notebook super organized and carry it everywhere.



13. Put up a corkboard in your room so you can stick up important things you need to remember.



14. Buy and print out these calendars to stay organized all year long. 



15. Or learn how to properly use a planner or agenda.



Which of these tips did you find the most helpful? How do you keep your homework organized? What did I forget to include? Tell me in the comments.

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    Get rid of clutter. This is anything that's in the way of you doing the work that needs to get done. That means old papers, used pens and pencils, and random things that you can't remember what they are for. If you don't know why it's there, get rid of it.[1]
    • Put books on a bookshelf. Books are big, so they take up a lot of space. This will give you extra room on your desk, and you'll always have a place to put your books when you are finished with them.[2]
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    Clean off the desk. Once you have cleared off your workspace, wipe it down to get rid of crumbs, dust, any other dirt still around. Check with your parents if you need some kind of special cleaner, like if you desk is made of a certain kind of wood.[3]

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    Organize your papers. Read everything you've got, and figure out if you need to keep it or not. If it's something you need to keep, put it in one pile. If not, throw it away.[4]
    • If you have lots of things you don't need, throw them away, not into drawers. If you have lots of drawers, it can be tempting, but that only moves the mess into the draw, not get rid of it.
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    Decide what stuff you need daily. These are the things you use regularly, like notebooks, pens, a calculator, or anything else that you might use everyday. You will need to find a space on your desk for them. For everything else, you'll get to decide if you have space on the desk for it, or if it needs to go somewhere else.[5]

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    Find a place for everything else. Once you have figured out what doesn't need to be at your desk, make sure you have a place to put it. Maybe you have some extra shelf space, or a closet. Ask your parents if you don't have a good place in mind. Just make sure you remember where that stuff is, so you can find it when you need it.

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    Throw out the trash. Once you have figure out what should be on your desk, and where to put the stuff you need but not regularly, it is best to throw out everything that is left. This is going to be old papers, used pens, or other garbage that you don't need at your desk.[6]

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