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Case Western Reserve Law Personal Statement

        LSAT Score        Percent Admitted
 168-180                  100%
 164-167                    99%
 160-163                    71%
 156-159                    15%
 148-155                    12%
 120-147                      4%

Students Say

CWRU School of Law manages to buck law school stereotypes, fostering a "tight-knit" student body that's "supportive" and "cooperative." One individual immediately agrees sharing, "I think we may be the nicest group of law students in the country. Everyone shares outlines, notes, and advice." Of course, you'll still find a few "high-strung 'Type A' personalities." However, most individuals are "people who [simply] want to contribute to the profession and to the world as best they can." When it comes to socializing, we're told that "the Student Bar Association does an excellent job in creating opportunities for the students to interact with each other outside of the classroom." Additionally, students seem to love Case's location in the University Circle neighborhood of Cleveland. A number of individuals assert that "the University Circle area is a great place to be a student, and there [are] so many great attractions nearby." One respondent eagerly elaborates, "I regularly walk over to the art museum to relax; similarly, the opportunity to enjoy free concerts with one of North America's finest orchestras is a perk that cannot be beat." And, as if that wasn't enough, "during the fall and early spring, the campus is really quite gorgeous, and there's a bevy of activities going on, many of which are free for students."

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