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Essay Obsession With Exercise and Diet

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Many people seem obsessed with exercise (or diet). When we gain weight, we are irascible "Irritable." and is always hard to, avoid all the negative things and, shameless emotion we have towards ourselves. When we are isolated, we scrutinize "examine closely and critically" about the way we have gained weight on the first place. Immediately, we start observing pictures of how our body used to look before, and star making comparison of how our body look's now. Gaining weight occurs for many reasons, and the process of gained weight works different in each one of us. Maybe we gained weight because of depression, or maybe we gained weight, because unwarily mistreating our body, by not taking care of it. Some of us have gained weight, by the…show more content…

They lose control, and start not to care about their appearance such as, not dressing pretty any more; not wanting to put make up, or fixing their hair. We are quiescent "temporarily inactive" to anything especially bikinis or anything that involves showing skin. If at the time of the weight gained, we happen to have a partners, boyfriends, or fiance, we start to think that our partners would go away, and never come back, or that our partner's are tricksters "person who cheats" on us, and the only why they are still with us is, because of pity and guilt. We start to hate every girl that looks attractive, and even more, if we know that our partners will break their heads looking, and re surged "ideas or belief" of things they are probably missing, or perhaps, regretting that we do not look as hot as the girl who just pass by on a thong at the beach.

Obsession with our body begins to take control on us, Practically feeling miserable, because of the rotund "fat and round" we have become, we want to do something now. This involves exercise; diets; pills for weight loss, and even plastic surgery. Of course, at the time of feeling repugnance "disgust, strong dislike" with our body, in addition, we have to put up with the pressure dealing with looking at good-looking woman 24/7. For instance, a perfect example would be me.

In my teenager hood, I never had a dilemma

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