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Htt 240 Week 2 Assignment Hcs

In the world today the cost of healthcare just keeps getting higher by the moment along with the insurance as well also to. But everything is just getting a lot more expensive with the healthcare system as we speak about this topic each time every day the very most expensive healthcare services are in the United States of America however you want to look at it no matter what. Also the numbers are growing everyday with individual who is in need of healthcare insurance for themselves or family members but however you look at it the numbers are still going to increases in the healthcare services as well also in the insurance to. Even before the healthcare reform came about many individuals could not afford to get the proper treatment that they needed at the time in order to live a longer life and a healthy one I know also that the healthcare reform do have a lot more of advantages when it comes to the healthcare field. The main purpose of my paper is about the healthcare reform along with them trying to expand their access with the care that people need in order to get better and also the changes of utilization as well to in the healthcare system. The impact of reform access to care With the healthcare reform in the United States they have made a lot of big changes with the expanded of access and quality for individuals to get the most affordable care they need. But the federal government is the ones who are the legislating healthcare reform for each and every one of us when you think about it. The reform act took place back in the year of 1965 along with President Lyndon B. Johnson he was the one who introducing Medicaid and Medicare to the doctor’s offices and hospital as well also to help out with the medical insurance for many other individuals in the world today. Also Medicaid and the federal government are the ones who pay

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